Mission Statement

The Kennedy Airport Airlines Management Council is an association comprised of Station Managers of all scheduled airlines operating into and out of J. F. Kennedy International Airport at Jamaica, New York. The purpose of the Council is as follows:

  1. To foster, encourage and stimulate cooperation among the scheduled airlines who now operate, or who may in the future operate, at Kennedy International Airport.
  2. To cooperate with the PANYNJ and any other agencies, governmental or otherwise, located at Kennedy International Airport, in the advancement and development of the airlines’ interests and air transportation in general and at Kennedy International Airport.
  3. To establish and maintain for the use of its members a suitable organization and the machinery by which operating problems at Kennedy International Airport affecting more than one member company may be resolved with dispatch.
  4. To review current developments at Kennedy International Airport as it may affect the operations of the member airlines and to make recommendations to the respective managements of each member airline relating thereto.
  5. To collect and disseminate information to the member airlines with respect to matters which may affect the operations of more than one member airline at Kennedy International Airport.