Who We Are

The KAAMCO Cargo Operations Committee was formed in the early 1950’s to benefit the air cargo industry in and around Kennedy Airport. Since then the organization has firmly established itself as a working Committee, KAAMCO provides a common platform for cargo industry participants to pursue solutions and creative ideas.

Benefits of KAAMCO Cargo Committee’s active membership:

KAAMCO E-mail and FAX Network:

  • Information distribution includes updates on KAAMCO projects, meetings, formal notices from US Customs, USDA, TSA, FAA, the PANYNJ etc., industry news and social announcements.
  • Monthly meetings.
  • Exchange ideas with colleagues from other air carriers, forwarders, brokers and ground handling services.

Web Listing:

  • Membership includes listing on the JFKCARGO Home Page of the Internet (this website)

Committee Membership:

  • Members are encouraged to participate in the technical committees.

KAAMCO membership can help you become aware of industry changes affecting the air cargo community. It offers an opportunity for decision makers to meet their counterparts in other cargo organizations and the federal regulative and inspection agencies.

Meetings are normally scheduled on the last Thursday of the month. For date, time and location, please refer to Calendar/Events.

For chairpersons and team leaders contact information, go to Contact Us.